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Frankfurt - Wine Tasting Day Trip Our Recommendations

Frankfurt - Wine Tasting Day Trip

Our Recommendations

Kloster Eberbach (Website, Google Maps). Offers tastings, tours and a Vinothek (see hints below for what that is). With 900 years of history one of the oldest wineries in Germany, an impressive old monastery where tours and wine tastings can be combined.

Balthasar Ress (Website, Google Maps). Offers tastings, tours and a Vinothek. Founded in 1870, 90% of its vineyards are Riesling. Highly innovative with its ‘winebank’ concept (link) and its small vineyard on the North Sea island Sylt (link).

Schloss Vollrads (Website, Google Maps). Offers tastings, a Vinothek and comes along with its own restaurant. Due to its castle grounds one of the most beautiful wineries in Germany with 800 years of winegrowing tradition. In the year 1716, the tradition of the so-called “Kabinett wines” was founded here, which distinguishes unusually good wines of a certain vintage.

Robert Weil (Website, Google Maps). Offers tastings and a Vinothek. The Robert Weil winery, now in its fourth generation, already supplied royal and imperial courts throughout Europe. As one of the flagships of German viticulture and with an impressive estate, it also ranks internationally among the elite. Its highly elegant, fruity Rieslings regularly achieve top prices at auctions.

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